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Quest Xpointer Max


The Quest XPointer Max is completely waterproof, has an illuminated display, a built-in battery and can even distinguish ferrous from non-ferrous metals. With an innovative design, the XPointer Max is a high-performance pinpointer that every detectorist is waiting for!



The XPointer Max differs from other pinpointers through its innovative, high-quality design. It has a non-slip handle that sits comfortably in the hand, two easy-to-press buttons that are always within thumb reach. It also has a transparent search tip and a small, illuminated display that shows you what you are currently setting and whether the object you find is iron or precious metal.


The XPointer Max is completely waterproof up to a maximum underwater depth of 5 meters. This has the advantage that you can also use this pinpointer under water. Even a rain shower is no problem, and after your day of searching you can simply rinse the XPointer Max under the tap.

Built-in loudspeaker:

The XPointer Max has a loudspeaker in the battery cover, with which you can hear the sounds very clearly, comparable to a loudspeaker on a full-size metal detector. If you remove the battery cover, you will see that the speaker is connected to a 3.5 mm jack that you can also use for headphones.

Built-in battery:

What shouldn't be missing is a built-in battery, which the XPointer Max naturally also has. The 1000 mAh battery delivers maximum performance and can be charged via a USB cable.

Settings and display:

The XPointer Max has three detection modes, sound only, vibration only, and sound and vibration at the same time. In addition, the sensitivity can be adjusted in 4 levels and you can switch the searchlight on or off. All settings can be read on the illuminated display - no more puzzling in the dark.


The Xpointer Max can distinguish ferrous from non-ferrous metals by two different tones, two different colors of LEDs and a visual display.

Retune function:

The retune function is used to carry out a soil comparison on heavily mineralized soils or to limit the detection field and get closer to the object quickly.


In the box:

  • Quest XPointer Max Pinpointer
  • Holster
  • USB charging cable
  • Manual


  • PROTECTION: 16 ft / 5m Under Fresh or Saltwater
  • WEIGHT: About 400g
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.8x24CM
  • BATTERY: 1000mAh Li-Po Rechargeable Battery
  • BATTERY LIFE: 14Hrs with Fully Charge
  • GROUND BALANCING: Automatic or Manually (retune)
  • ALARMS: RAIT Audio / Vibration/LED Beam Lights
  • INDICATIONS: Battery Status, Lost Alarm
  • CONTROLS: Power switch (On / Off) Alarm Modes Control, Sensitivity(4 Levels) LED flashlight,Re-tune(Once power on)

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